Welcome to Cuenca!

Finally getting some photos up from our travel and settling in to Cuenca yesterday! It was almost a four hour bus ride from Guayaquil to Cuenca, with more than half of it through the mountains. 

One of the last buildings we saw before heading into the mountains.

This was only about half an hour into the three-hour mountain leg of the drive. We got much, much higher above the clouds than this. 

Various smaller settlements were scattered throughout the mountains.

And every once in a while you'd see a lone little house up on the mountainside.

We got to Cuenca around 4pm and went to the Amauta Spanish School, where they had PIZZA waiting for us. After pizza and a couple of hours meeting each other and discussing expectations and advice for the program, we split off to meet our host families and settle in at our home away from home (and that's a whole separate post for later). 

PIZZA. I believe it was from a place called Fabiano's. 10/10 would eat again, even if it weren't free.

Tyler likes pizza.

Getting ready for our first discussion of many.

And then, as if free pizza and a beautiful three-story school building (which you will see in more depth later) weren't enough, we can walk out onto the balcony and see...


You can see the top of one of Cuenca's 52 churches to the left.

This ain't so bad.