Goodbye, Ñamarin!

We’ve been in Ñamarin, a small 80-family mountain village in the southern Loja region, for the past week now, and today we’re heading to Timbara, another southern town in the Zamora area. Obviously I’d have liked to have posted these earlier in the week, but we can make do with them now as a farewell to Ñamarin.

My host family consisted of Delfina (the mother), Marcelo (the father), their four children Gabriela, Samuel, Gladys and Genesis, and a family friend Nina who is living with them while she goes to school nearby. In addition to farming, Marcelo is a carpenter and made all of the muebles (furniture) in our room, including the full-size bed, the bunk bed, the dresser, two tables, and two chairs. The family is such a sweet group of people (and Delfina is an amazing cook) and we really enjoyed our time with them. 

Our homestay house. We're really roughing it out here...

Delfina in the kitchen

Maize, mote, choclo--whatever form it's in, corn is a major meal staple in Ecuador. 

Walking through Ñamarin

Our little troop meeting up before we set out on our publicidad on Wednesday.

Natalia with our host sister Gladys and their family friend Nina.

Next stop, Timbara!