An Imperfect Union

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Green Buzz Agency | TEGNA Inc. and Facebook Watch
Fall 2018 - Present
Role: Lead Video Producer
Webby Honoree | Social Video Series - News and Politics:
“An Imperfect Union”
Silver Telly | Political and Campaigns for Social Video:
“An Imperfect Union - Episode 1 - Matt and Corry”

In collaboration with journalists from TEGNA, I produce Green Buzz’s first Facebook Watch series, An Imperfect Union. Each episode brings two people together with opposing views on different topics to talk about their values and work together on a service project in their community.

Catch the latest episode of An Imperfect Union on Facebook Watch on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern:

Episode 1: Policing in America
Officer Matt Yoder is a 23-year veteran police officer. Corry Dawkins is a 27 year old with a troubled past. Here’s what happened when the two men came together to do good in their community.

Episode 26: Will “The Wall” Work?
The country has been fighting over building the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border for months. Whether it’s the President, members of Congress or voters, many have an opinion on what needs to happen on the border. Will the wall work?