Disability Abroad

University of Maryland

Freelance Project
Summer 2016
Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

I filmed, edited, and produced this video series for the University of Maryland to promote their new Education Abroad program, Disabilities in a Global Context. The program sends students to developing countries -- in this case, Peru, Ecuador and Ghana -- to intern with local nonprofits that work with disabled populations.

This video series is being used as official marketing content by the University of Maryland Education Abroad office. More work can be seen on my Vimeo


Juantrice Alvarado talks about her experience interning at an elementary school in Cusco, Peru. 

Teressa Ferraro talks about her experience interning at a children's hospital in Quito, Ecuador. 

Sara Millan talks about her experience interning with a social work nonprofit in Ollantaytambo, Peru.