“What Every American Should Know”

Green Buzz Agency

Green Buzz Agency | The Aspen Institute
February 2018
Role: Producer/Director
Communicator Award of Distinction | Online Video - Social Responsibility

In 2018, the Aspen Institute launched an initiative called What Every American Should Know in an effort to bring together a collective definition of what a person would need to know about America in order to truly understand the American story. How? By asking as many people as possible to submit their top ten lists of the historical and cultural items an “American” would need to understand. Some lists have items in common: the Constitution, the Gettysburg address, I Have A Dream... others expand beyond.

This list is ever-changing — as it grows in contributors and as we move forward in time, different terms will move up and down on the list to showcase the values and priorities of America at different snapshots in time.

In this flagship video for the program, we asked several immigrant leaders to share their stories and their lists of what every American should know.

Learn more about the initiative (and contribute your top ten list to the collection) at www.whateveryamericanshouldknow.org.